31 Top tools which can make your Quarantine period good

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Slack message with team communicating and collaborating in app on desktop and mobile. This photo is free for public use. Please credit this photo in caption with link to "www.distel.com".
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In this COVID-19 pandemic, the USA is the worst affected country in the world. In the USA alone, you will find more than 4 lakh cases, and thousands have died already due to it. Due to the uncontrollable situation, the USA is now going to a complete lockdown mode, and the stock market has taken a hit as well.

As the lockdown has been announced and everyone now has to stay at home for a limited time. In response to that, many people are now searching for different tools to continue with their work life. Apart from that all, there are business houses that all search various apps to continue their work from home for their employees. In that case, you all can go for these apps, which will help you a lot during this time. If you are searching for such apps, then K-12 educators have got these apps.

Top communications apps for you

1. Zoom

Zoom app on iPhone and laptop
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It is a free video conference app where you can do business and education video calls easily. It is safe and password protected as well.

2. Ring Central

The next app where you can do video calls is this. K-12 schools are using it, health-care officials, and other organizations.

3. Google

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The most popular and free premium version is Google video chat. In the app, you can add 250 participants, can do live streaming and other things as well.

4. Slack

This photo is free for public use. Please credit this photo in caption with link to "www.distel.com".
Photographer: Austin Distel | Source: Unsplash

The next app that you can use to have communicated with your people is slack.

You can avail of free upgrades to the various plans by visiting here.

5. Comcast

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You can get free Xfinity Wi-Fi for your hotspots. In this, all non- Xfinity users can also get benefit from it all.

For productivity and Collaboration

1. Microsoft

Home-Office Work Station
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For the pandemic situation, here you will be getting a six month Office 365 Trail pack for free.

2. Zoho

Under this app, you all will get nearly 11 apps. The best part is that all the apps will be available for free here, and you can enjoy it until July 1st, 2020.

3. Dropbox

You all will get a three month free Dropbox business and HelloSign enterprise for yourself. It is provided to NGOs and non-profits.

4. PandaDoc

For all kind of uploading of signatures, payment, documents, you can get free access in here.

5. Docusign

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The next set of the app that allows the user to have free access is Docusign. With the help of it, you can go for the managing of electronic agreements.

6. Lucidchart

If you are a single user and want access to the Lucidchart, then get the app. It is the online collaboration platform in which you can share, collaborate, and visualize the work.


1. Salesforce

It provides free access to all emergency response teams, care management, or health officials who all are fighting with COVID-19.

2. MailChimp

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It made free access to all groups who all are there in public health information. The offer for free access will be there till June 30th, 2020.

3. SurveyMonkey

All the researchers of the survey who are all there to gather the data from the customers, employees, and other groups can access it. It is free for them all.

4. Moz

To make it easy for you all, Moz Academy is now providing free training to the community.

5. Adobe

All the students and educators can avail of free home access to creative cloud apps. For that, you need to request Adobe, and the offer is till May 31st, 2020.

For security and software support

1. Cisco

If you are a new customer, then they provide you with a free license. Apart from that, you can get Duo’s security tool, which is two-factor authentication. All the current customers can go above the user limit in here, and it will work till July 1st.

2. Okta

it gives free access to all Okta Single Sign-On as well as Okta Multi-factor Authentication.

3. Ping Identity

They provide you with free cloud single sign-on for all users. Furthermore, you will get the MFA as well, and all can easily access the IT resources here.

4. 1Password

You will get to create free business accounts, and it will last for the first six months only.

5. Cloudflare

For all small businesses and remote workers, they provide you with Cloudflare. It is valid for six months only.

6. Splashtop

You will get the first 60-day license to the account for free.

For research and development

1. Nvidia

You will be getting 90 days of free access to the Parabricks. It is valid for any researcher worldwide.

2. Carto

It gives you free visualization of the software for all the organizations which all are fighting with COVID-19.

3. Autodesk

The user will get free access to the Autodesk products as well as services. All the products are stated to include BIM 360 Design = BIM 360 Docs, Fusion Team, Fusion 360, and other services.

4. Qualtrics

It made its services free for all organizations, which all are using Remote Work Pulse.

For finance and accounting

1. Wave

The app provides free financial software solutions for all kinds of small businesses and other groups.

2. Kabbage

If you want to go for the sharing of custom gift certificate URL on the website, then social media and other communications are best.

3. Expensify

You will get reimbursed for nearly $50 from here. This reimburses valid on essential goods and groceries only, and you all need to buy via SNAP card.

4. Bill.com

For all the new customers who all are impacted by COVID-19, can get the free first 90 days subscription. It will help you in paying for the small, mid-sized, and other business groups for the automate of processing of bills, payments, and other things.

5. Workable

If you want to use the new video interviewing software for all customers, then it can access the library of the COVID-19.

Final words

These are the top apps under different categories, which all are there, providing free services to you all. They all make the life of the people a little bit easier during this lockdown, and you can take assistance from them easily.

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