9 Best Lifetime Deals On Appsumo You Must Buy in 2020

Marketing Website Social Media 15 min read , May 13, 2020
Lifetime deal

Lifetime deal - If You are an entrepreneur or small business who looking for software/tools to growing Your business. Then You have to check these 9 lifetime deals from Appsumo.


Lifetime deal

Recently while looking for leads for my daily newsletter, I came across Boost. Unaware of what it is, I started scrolling and researching and watching videos, and minutes later, I ended up signing up for it, and I haven't made a better decision ever in my life. Boost is a platform that gives you and your business all the verified and real email addresses people use for creating their accounts on various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter. Along with that, Boost also has the capacity to bring over 200 million active Amazon Customers.

Generally, the traffic of opt-in forms and sign up forums are meager, and that is quite understandable. Unless people are genuinely interested in your content, they either do not want to sign-up or even if they do, they provide fake details. That is because the people have to type in their email addresses manually, and other information and truth be told; people are just genuinely lazy to do so. Some people who genuinely want to give you their information sometimes make silly typos, and as a result, you suffer the loss. Now here comes Boost.

Boost captures all your subscriber's real information, which they used to login to their various social media site. I used a different account to check how that works exactly. Lifetime deal

All I had to do was click on a button called "permissions". It asked me if I am willing to permit Boost to share my email address and other information that the company can use to contact me for their newsletter and other stuff. When I clicked yes, I noticed that I had all the information starting from email addresses to birthdays in my directory. All by just clicking a button! This was pretty nifty and easy and smooth. After using Boost, I am receiving more leads than I ever did, and I have never been busier. Boost also allows you to connect to your email marketing services like Zapier. Lifetime deal

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Lifetime deal

There's no shortage of businesses nowadays, and that confuses the general audience. As a result, it gets difficult for businessmen to attract their target audience. I was going through this question and looking at different web pages when I came across Hey Oliver. After reading a few lines, I was hooked to the idea of Hey Oliver.

Hey Oliver is automation software that runs automated, precisely targeted, and personalized marketing campaigns. Hey Oliver is committed to helping your business grow faster and to have more visitors. Lifetime deal

There are a lot of benefits to using Hey Oliver. Like:

  1. Hey, Oliver lets you track your customers' behavior while they are surfing your website. This enables you to choose your best leads, and then you can easily target them.
  2. Integrated FAQ: Hey, Oliver has one of the best chat services, which lets your customers find the answer they are looking for very fast and effectively. This will build up trust, and your customers will be comfortable using your website.
  3. Sometimes it can get annoying for your customers if you keep sending the same ad campaigns again and again, even when they are not interested in it. Hey, Oliver lets you create and promote Targeted ads explicitly made for every unique customer. Lifetime deal

Hey Oliver can work for various industries. Like Tourism, Real Estate, E-commerce, car dealerships, etc.

Let's take a step by step guide as to how Hey Oliver works:

  1. Tracking: Once you have installed Hey Oliver to your website, you will see that you get a unique profile for every customer who visits your site. You will know what they viewed and what they wanted to buy or bought.
  2. Targeting: There are more than 25 segmentation criteria, and using these, you will be able to track your customers. Then you can create targeted ads and campaigns and send them over to your customers who visited your site.
  3. Converting: You can now quickly increase your sales as the customers you will be targeting will buy the products from your site. Lifetime deal

Therefore using Hey Oliver, you can easily increase the magnitude of your business. Be it scoring leads or using segmentation to target your customers.

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Lifetime deal

No matter how much storage space one has in the office, it turns to be less, and finally, one has to delete the old files to save the new ones. The same thing was happening in my organization. Even buying the external storage devices were running out of space soon. It was also making the work slow, as remembering what is stored in which external device was becoming an arduous task. Again, often, we needed to refer to the old files, and deleting them was not to save space were creating problems.

We got to know about icedrive, the next generation cloud drive, and decided to use their services to come out of their storage blues. Moreover, being involved in the sales and marketing business, our team needed to move from one place to another frequently. Accessing the data on their laptops with limited storage space turned out to be one of the bottlenecks after convincing the client. Forwarding the quotes and sealing the deal was becoming tough. We were losing many customers for the same as they wanted an instant agreement.

Using the icedrive cloud storage space for the last couple of months has benefitted our business. There are no worries of computer disk spaces or external devices, as all the data are stored in the cloud platform. Lifetime deal

With the simple installation of the software in our system, we have come out of the blues. The cache-control system that is used by the developers is quite intelligent and brings out the desired result in no meantime.

Icedrive cloud systems can be accessed through desktop or can be used as a web app. One can even use them through their smartphones. As soon as we signed in and created an account, we got 10 GB free storage space as a bonus. This cloud drive is 100% encrypted, and there is no breach of privacy, and no one can hack the data stored there.

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Lifetime deal

While looking for promoting the brand, one can get some of the beautiful experiences to think of the social media interaction taking help from the experts of Metricool. With the smooth working of the Metricool team reviewing the regular online data that may be in the form of advertisement or message in some of the best social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Google.

While I was looking for a single window to get all the services like a real-time planner and formulating strategies for the advertisement policies to boost the organization's products and services, my company got the best results after visiting the website of Metricool at HERE and settle the things. With some essential free services for the whole year, one can monitor a single brand or manage multiple brands and can stay afloat facing the tough challenges from the competitors in the market. The company charges a minimum annual fee and even deploys a team of dedicated experts to monitor various brands across all social media platforms and does the needful to keep your brand afloat. The more we say it is less, as unless you have taken and experienced the services, you can’t feel the difference. Lifetime deal

Gone are the days when we used to wait for reports to come and then brainstorm them and formulate the strategies. With real-time monitoring of the ad campaigns, it is time to reposition the brands without losing time as the market is volatile, and there is every scope of eating away the market share by the competitors. It is time to have your benchmarks with the Metricool tool and set a new high. Even publishing the Chrome extension looks like a cakewalk.

Finding out the competitor's activities in the market and the social networking site has never been so easy if you do not take the services of one of the best tools available as on date. Remember, nothing is constant except change and change with the support of Metricool. It is great to race with time and earn more revenues monitoring the brand image regularly by them.

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Lifetime deal

If you are in digital marketing like us, then you may be facing many bottlenecks to work to the satisfaction of the customer in real-time. We were having difficulty in managing multiple clients simultaneously until we found the OVIOND platform. You may be a freelancer, a small organization, or a regular agency; the platform has something or other for all with a moderate monthly subscription.

Multiple client management has never been as easy as we can now manage 1000 websites with 5000 channels. The templates used by the developers are quite intuitive and save much of our time with the reports and the dashboards. There is no need to log in. The team members or the client can instantly share the dashboards and reports without wasting time. Lifetime deal

With OVIOND, we can now do customization with more power, customize the domains, use and upload logos, and customize the color palettes for individual clients. These features have enabled us to create more diversified exposure for the clients while managing their digital marketing campaigns.

Creating multiple dashboards and reports for our clients based o their needs has become a cakewalk for us using the platform. The developers have given ample scope to experiment with the features available and creating some of the finest dashboards for the clients. Ever since we have started using this OVIOND platform, not only the complaints from the customers have reduced, but our customer bases have increased to a much extent.

We can now integrate with many social media platforms and highlight customer need. We can use Google analytics, ads, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, YouTube, Linkedin, and many more social media platforms on behalf of our customers. It has also got the media markup feature that allows reselling the reports and the media effortlessly.

If you want to work efficiently, it is time to get registered at https://www.oviond.com/ and feel the difference. You can also take the free trial to gauge our claims. It is time to keep pace with time and work efficiently.

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While managing the multi-disciplinary agency, it was getting challenging to collaborate with the team. The time lag was eating away the customer base as they wanted real-time solutions interacting with them. While surfing the internet for the answer to co-ordinate with the team members scattered in all parts of the world and go for interactive sessions, luckily, we came across the platform of Ringblaze and, with pure curiosity, took the free demo and free and the free trial. It was amazing to find out how the leads were pouring in, and how proficiently the entire organizational team that was unnerved all these days started working. It has been a never look back story for us with Ringblaze as we are generating more leads, doing our best with an interactive session and getting more organized and working more efficiently as a team.

The setup is quite simple, and there is no need for any additional desktops or tablets. We started with the starter pack to give it a try. Overwhelmed by the response and the leads and the way all our executives were in unison at work with the platform, we shifted to the premium pack with additional features like dedicated account manager and having entirely personal on-board sessions. Ringblaze has monthly as well as yearly payment options allowing small and medium organizations to try their services and cut the coat according to the cloth. Lifetime deal

The chances of confusion are no more a headache for us with Rignblaze services by our side. Each member on the network can know their well-defined responsibilities, and the process of working can be shared clearly without any glitches.

The business leads have increased to many folds as the platform can record the calls and maintain the call history so that every prospect can be convinced to seal the deal and generate business. In this age of fierce competition, it is indeed a platform that is helping us to increase business and stay ahead of our competitors. If you want to reap the benefits like us, then visit the webpage and welcome the change.

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Being in the content marketing business, we found a sudden downslide in our business for many months. Our team of experts brainstormed about the revenue decline but could not come with a solution. Suddenly we came across Social Animal surfing the internet and learned were our strategies were going wrong.

We took the free trial and were surprised to find out how most of our problems were addressed by us wrongly to find a solution. Social Animal helped us to do content research, curation of the contents, find out and monitor the activities of our competitors, and getting access to Facebook and Influencer search. We were so overwhelmed by the way things turned around for us and getting back the lost foothold in the market that we decided to adopt Social Marketing in all our content marketing business.

Being an agency, we took the Agency pack after observing the results of free trials for 12 days. There are other packs, also like the blogger pack or the enterprise pack. But we, belonging to a small agency and also involved in public relations, selected the Agency pack with a moderate monthly pack charge.

We are now able to search unlimited articles per month, can get the unlimited list of social influencers and Full page analysis of Facebook. We can now track 10000 URLs to find out the activities of our competitors and can get real-time and email support from the experts managing the platforms. We have 5 in our team who are directly in contact with the platform to bring out the best content after accessing all the attributes offered by Social Animal. A curios email at hello@socialanimal.com has changed our working atmosphere and had helped us to fight back the odds that we were facing. Lifetime deal

If you are looking for a lawful solution to your content and marketing business blues, it is best to be in touch with Social Animal at HERE and experience the difference. Act now like us to see the change in your working and increase in the revenues.

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Being a tech connoisseur, I am always trying to look for the latest innovations and software, which are very helpful. While on a searching spree for something to get me excited, I came across the SocialBook Builder. Now SocialBook is a browser extension that works for all browsers. This extension is explicitly targeted towards Youtube as it helps to grow your YouTube Channel. Oh, did I mention this extension is free? Well, now, you know.

SocialBook Builder helps to create smarter videos. In this era of AI and Social Media, creating better or good quality videos is not enough. Content Creators now need to focus on making smarter videos, which help in gaining followers and get more views faster.

There are several ways in which SocialBook improves your content; let us take a look at some of them:

  1. Tag management: When it comes to YouTube Videos, tags are crucial. Tags help you reach out to people who have the same tags as your video hence improving reach. Now you might not always know the most relevant tag for your video. This is where SocialBook comes in. It gives you the most relevant tags in seconds and lets you organize them too.
  2. Thumbnail Maker: It also helps you to make thumbnails for your videos and lets you edit them using the Creator Studio. You can download and keep the thumbnails for future use.
  3. Inline Tracking ink: It must also be noted that SocialBook lets you do inline Tracking during video editing. It provides one smart link which is available across devices. At the same time, you can do real-time performance tracking
  4. Competitor tracking: Track your competition
  5. Trend Alert: Get notified of videos that are trending in your peer circle.

I was surprised when I saw we get so much from SocialBook, and it is free at the same time. To me, it's a no brainer to go for this extension because right now, to succeed, you need to be smart rather than being good at what you do. Lifetime deal

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Lifetime deal

Videos are one of the vital tools to hot the customer's mind while planning for an aggressive digital marketing strategy. However, we, as a digital marketing company, failed to take the advantage until we discovered StoryXpress. The videos that we made using other platforms were not that creative or interactive and were unable to generate much lead to our customers. They often complained to us about the quality and the results. We were fanatically searching for a platform, and luckily we came across this platform and started using them. Ever since we developed our first video presentation, there is no looking back.

Now we can capture our screen with more speed and share it with the concerned team to do the needful in a much better manner. It is easy to record the display or use the webcam to make the videos, edit them with the tools that are available on-screen in real-time and can amplify the message to many folds.

Sharing the videos in some of the most popular social media platforms has become much faster and straightforward.We can even customize the thumbnails so that they are more interactive and no lead s lost as they are viewing the interactive videos made through the platform of StoryXpress. We can now get the details of the visitors, watching the videos, and understand the customer behavior in a much better way.

The developers have many monthly plans that can suit the need of most of the customers. If you are a new entrant in digital marketing business or a first time user of StoryXpress, it is worth trying their zero payment per month free Clapboard and experience how the platform works and how it is benefiting you. We also did the same, and after getting a positive response, we shifted to another plan that suited our business module. Remember, videos are more appealing than a static webpage, and the platform worked like a magic wand to us.

Lifetime deal

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