Affiliate Marketing in 2020: How Beginners Can Start

Affiliate 8 min read , May 28, 2020
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Affiliate Marketing in 2020 - We choose Adzooma affiliate program as example on this tutorial

It can be hard knowing where to start promoting a product as an affiliate. This is particularly true with a SaaS product like Adzooma. That’s why we’ve prepared some tried and tested methods and ideas to get you started – or to spark your imagination when you need it.

Affiliate Marketing in 2020 - Action as many as you can and build your income stream. The main idea is quality, not quantity. Find what works and add to your traffic sources over time. Then watch your sales and income grow.

Keep in mind that you are building your business and to stay successful you need to stick to the rules. Don’t use dodgy shortcuts because they always come back to bite you later. Stay professional and honest and you won’t destroy all your hard work.

You can also speak to your Affiliate Manager as they will always be able to tell you what’s working right now. They will also tell you of any new landing pages and resources you can direct your traffic to.

This tutorial provide by Adzooma

Who is Your Target Audience

You cannot promote a product without knowing the audience first. If you’re promoting a product to someone who doesn’t need it, they won’t buy.

The good news is that the Adzooma marketplace is huge.

Anyone who uses Google, Facebook or Microsoft advertising, or who is thinking of using it, is our potential customer.

Whether they are new to PPC and have one account, or a large agency managing 100’s of accounts, they need Adzooma.

Affiliate Marketing

Adzooma was designed to save our customers time and money managing their online advertising, by offering a simple, easy to use solution that is accessible to all.

Anyone who wants an easier way of managing their PPC campaigns can benefit from Adzooma.

That’s your audience.

Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Key product details and features

Okay, now you know who Adzooma is for, it’s useful to have a clear idea of what it does. So, use this section as a handy reference to look back on whenever you need it.

In a nutshell, Adzooma is an all-in-one advertising management platform designed to make managing your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads easier and more efficient.

These are Adzooma core features:

  1. Key product details and features
    Adzooma is powered by a powerful AI system. This gives our customers 24/7 monitoring of their accounts, finding recommendations that are most likely to grow their businesses. We call it the Opportunity Engine.
  2. One-click opportunities
    All of the recommendations that our AI finds are found on the Opportunities tab. Our customers can see which ones they want to apply, add them to the queue and action them in a single click. There’s no having to switch between platforms, Adzooma does it all for them in seconds.
  3. Set & forget automated rules and alerts
    With our automated rules, our customers can finally be rid of the tedious, manual tasks that took up too much of their time. They set a custom rule and when the event triggers, their action will be automatically applied.

    It’s more reliable and easier to set up than PPC scripts. If they don’t want us to take action, they can also set up custom alerts so they are always in the know of what’s going on.
  4. Custom reporting
    Our reporting feature allows customers to make reports that people will want to read in a fraction of the time. All they need to do is select the data they want and drop it into a chosen layout.

    Add graphs, pictures, text – and brand the reports ready to send out. It’s the 100% customisable and white-label reporting tool that will automatically pull the latest data when you need it. Save them as a template and create new ones in seconds.
  5. A whole suite of free reports
    As a little extra freebie, we also have a whole suite of pre-defined reports available to both our paid and our free users. To get them for free, all they have to do is create a free account with us, import their campaigns and they’ll have lifetime access to these reports that are ready at the touch of the button.

    These reports are led by our flagship performance report, which gives an overview of their accounts and scores them /100.

Promotion ideas

You are in charge of your own promotions. That means you can promote Adzooma in any way that you can think of. It’s all up to you.

But here are a few ideas that have converted well for other affiliates to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing in 2020

On Your Blog or Website

Here are 5 great ways to start promoting on your site:

Write a product review

As the ‘bread and butter’ of the affiliate world, reviews can bring in lots of sales when you do them right. This technique works well for any product. People read product reviews and comparisons when they are seriously ready to buy.

It gives them that little bit of extra trust and confidence in the product to help them cross the finish line. After all, if other people trust it, so can they.

You can have a review page featuring just Adzooma, or a page of comparisons with a number of popular competing products.

Write or record an Adzooma tutorial

Affiliate marketing

Show people how Adzooma is helping you or other people. If people can see the product in action or the results they will bring, they are more likely to use it. Try things like:

“How to manage Google/Facebook/Microsoft Ads in Adzooma

“How we are improving our PPC performance because of Adzooma

This helps potential buyers to see the results they could get. It also shows them in real terms how to use parts of the platform.

Include your link to Adzooma and encourage them to click through while they are excited about the possible results they could get.

Add Adzooma to the resources page on your website

If you’re promoting multiple products and services on your site, you can add a link to Adzooma in your resources page.

If you don’t have a resources page, it’s worth setting one up, as you can promote an entire list of affiliate links. A title of each resource and a short description, followed by your link is all you need. If people are interested, they’ll click to find out more.

Offer your own PPC tips or tutorial and promote Adzooma

Write or record your own tips list or tutorial on how to improve results from Google/Facebook/Microsoft Ads. It doesn’t have to be too deep, just useful and profitable tips or info.

Just really useful stuff they can action immediately, such as ‘3 Ingenious Ways To Lower Your PPC Spend’. Or anything else you can automate or optimise with Adzooma.

This kind of thing works perfectly because you can explain the tips, tell them they are proven to work but take time to set up initially and to check regularly. Affiliate Marketing in 2020

They can DIY if they like, but if they prefer to speed it up with advanced automation and be able to manage and optimise their accounts daily with a few clicks, they should check out Adzooma.

It works because you offer a genuine solution to a problem. You’re telling them how to improve their PPC results – then giving them Adzooma as an optional way to help speed up the solution.

Include an Adzooma banner on your website/blog

Affiliate Marketing

Want to promote Adzooma in a more traditional way? Feel free to use our banner adverts on your website or blog.

This will promote our services to your customers while they browse your normal content. Just get in touch with your Affiliate Manager and we’ll provide our creatives pack for you to do this.

Here are a few other ways you can promote Adzooma:

  1. Your newsletter
    - Mention Adzooma to your audience (in between the lines)
    - Introduce Adzooma to your audience with a dedicated Newsletter
    - Promote your blog post written about Adzooma (from the ideas above)
    - Include an Adzooma banner in your newsletter. Get in touch and we will provide our creatives pack if you want to do this.
  2. Video marketing
    Video presentations are proven to convert at a higher rate than any other method. This is because it gives your customers on-camera proof of what you are sending.
    - Film yourself using Adzooma and share with your followers on social media
    - Livestream and speak directly to your audience (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and talk about the benefits of Adzooma
    - Record a tutorial on how to use Adzooma (you can use Loom)
  3. Record a podcast
    - Mention Adzooma in any of your episodes and provide your Adzooma referral link in your podcast show notes
    - Invite us to speak in your episode (or part of your episode) to talk about Adzooma and add more authenticity to the mention
    - Talk with an industry leader about the benefits of Adzooma
  4. Write a webinar
    Webinars are very powerful in converting new customers. Great product presentations when paired with special timely offers are a great way in rewarding the attendees.

    If you have an audience of at least 100 where the majority could be potential Adzooma customers, then we will host the webinar without any charge to you.

    We will use your referral link in the webinar, together with any special offers we may have decided together.
  5. Promote on social media
    Notify your social-media followers about Adzooma (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Tell them the benefits, what it is, what it does, how it can save them hours every week.

    Closed forums: Quora, Reddit, Hackernews

    Answer questions about Adzooma and its benefits in a genuine way. Provide your Adzooma referral link in your answers.
Note of caution: Use your referral link sparingly and with care. Certain forums (Reddit in particular) may frown upon sharing referral links.