30 Free Tools and Resources for Business and Marketing You Can Use in 2020

Free Tools 7 min read , May 8, 2020
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Appsumo is a company founded by Noah Kagan that has helped a lot of startups to build their brand. They have contributed about 1.6k companies to date.

The founder is an entrepreneur himself, and he knows how difficult it is to collect the money for a new startup, which is why his company has decided to give out some tools and resources for free to start with a less burden. These apps are for free in case you are not willing to lose any extra money.

Let's check out the collection of FREE tools, PDFs, and eBooks –


SCRIBE is the all-time dream app for all the would-be writers; you get 8 hours of video lesson on how to write a book. You can get course materials, free templates and also a The Scribe Method ebook. This will help you learn how to write a book from scratch.

2. SEO SpyGlass

With the help of this app, you will now be able to check out and study all the backlink of any website. You can compare the backlink of your website with other website and even remove the links in your website. This also helps you to increase the SEO ranking of your website.

3. Agency Survival Bootcamp

It is a tool that will help you to find a better income during any economic backlash. It will help you to find out the strong points of your company. Lead the way for the next headstart of the company. This is for the once who think ahead.

4. Adam.ai freebie

With the help of this app, you will get timelines that will help you to keep your project on track. It is an app that makes it easier to give assignments, help decide with the team members and taking notes. Schedule meeting through video conference, and works well with large teams.

5. Google Ads Bootcamp

You can maximize the ad Roi and even draft budgets, synchronizing it with data-based Google Ads calculator. Get a list of the keywords, account structure, and draft an excellent PPC. Regulate the budget of the Google Ads this will; in return, increase the ROI of the website.

6. The Build an Online Empire Starter Pack

If you are looking for a tool to help you out with developing new business ideas, 7 courses can help you with that. You can get access to courses of webinars, blogging, and online business, which helps to grow your business altogether.

7. FB Ads Bootcamp

This is almost the same as the Google Ads Bootcamp; you can set a budget and an aim for all the Facebook. Learn to target your audience. Make better content for the audience.

8. Readitfor.me

If you want to learn to start your business, you can begin to read the summaries of some of the best business books and books on personal development. This tool provides you content in audio, video and text formats. You can even review the books.

9. Jepto

Focus more on the scaling in your business by automating repetitive data monitoring tasks. Increase your data by learning more about the machine. With the help of customizable alerts, now you track or detect anomalies.

10. Repuso

Collect and check reviews of your company on any website with the help of this app. Get customizable widgets to help you increase the conversion rate of your company. You can accumulate positive reviews and remove the negative reviews with the help of smart routing.

11. SoapBox

Create team meetings; take notes, share agendas and aims and action items for 1:1. Modify apps like Slack, Outlook and Google. Get the help of feedback, analytics and insights to improve your meetings.

12. Linkedin Outreach Bootcamp

Target and connect with the clients that are a perfect match for you. You can design an ideal LinkedIn outreach program. This tool will also help you to develop a mutually profitable relationship. Have a better conversation.

13. Intellifluence

This tool will help you to create influencer marketing programs that will help you meet the goal of your company. You can ask influencers who are qualified enough to endorse your company. This will bring all of it to just one platform.

14. Marketing to Mindstates

This tool will help you to bypass the filters not required and help you out to reach more consumers. Know how to influence the behaviours of your customers and also get a better look at the context of your customers.

15. GIG Mindset

Get to know how to increase the productivity and competitiveness of your employees. Get to know freelancers and start working with them. Get to know the future strategies of companies like yours for a better future of your company.

16. Making Remote Work Work

Get to know the best use of remote communication, workflow and schedule. You can develop your field of work by searching and employing for remote workers. Get to know how you can find more remote work, networking and career advancement.

17. Mint Marketing Plan

Get a tutorial on how to launch a business. You will get a step by step template for that. You can get an insight into what was a benefit for Mint and what not. You can also get a weekly checklist, quant-based marketing spreadsheet and actionable outlines.

18. Signitic

Are you having a problem to design and build your own digital signature? Then you can do it with the help of this tool. You can add beginning and end dates for some of the specific programs and also track the statistics. With the help of the editor, you can customize your templates and even add gifs, banners and social media accounts.

19. Facebook Advertising

Learn the necessary things about paid advertising before you invest. Get a sneak-peek into how AppSumo manages Facebook ad campaigns. Get to know what to do and what to not went it comes to Facebook Advertising.

20. Brizy Builder

You will get access to over 250 premade site blocks to track your web design quickly on Sketch, Figma and Invision Studio. These layouts are customizable and are built with global symbols and styling. You can use all the stock images and vectors.

21. AnnounceFly

Make sure that your customers are updated about any changes that happen to your service and products. You get direct feedback from your customers that will help you update your product according to that. So, converse better with stakeholders and customers to provide them with a better service.

22. Dr Growth

Know the hacks of online marketing that will help to grow your business. Take help of social media, online publishing and neuromarketing. These processes are far more natural to understand, and there is no fluff in it so that you can trust it.

23. Process.ST

You get 100 great quality workflow templates that are readymade. You can use them as it is or you can customize it according to your will. You get four informative eBooks that will help you know about the different tricks and tips. This is of great help to managers.

24. Teachable

If you are willing to know how to make courses now, you can do that with the help of this tool that has four easy ways. You can validate and map out the curriculum according to you. You can even market your course and get great students.

25. Data-Driven Facebook Ads Checklist

With this tool now, you can learn how to use the data feature inside any Facebook Ad. You will get an estimate of the amount you will have to pay, even before you invest. You can draft your account in a way that the ad management goes smoothly.

26. Unstoppable

With the help of this tool, you can apply any business tactics that are proven to be helpful to your wellness and health. Maintain yourself know how you can stay healthy and painless even as you age. Track your health with a better Framework. This is best for anyone who wants to keep fit even when they have to work day in and day out.

27. StreamSkill

With the help of this, you can learn the main base of Photoshop Elements 2019. There is a 5-hour long video tutorial in it. Get to understand the necessity of editing an image. Learn about features like organizer, albums and editing. It will provide with exercise files.

28. Appsumo’s Multi-Million Dollar marketing

Get to know what work and what failed in our company. Learn the formula of Kopywriting of $250k sales page.

29. TrackMySubs

Organise your subscription with colour-coded graphs, organized calendar, tag system and neat folder. Get alerts before your due date of subscriptions. Track the trials, revenue, lifetime deals and cashflow.

30. ClickMindedSEOChecklist

It is an excellent SEO checklist with useful tips and a list of effective tools. Get a look into the Google ranking algorithm and get to know how you can beat it. Save the name of your brand on social media platforms.

These were 30 tools and resources that might help you while you are starting with your new business.

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