4 Reasons Why Inquivix is the Preferred Digital Marketing Agency for International Brands in South Korea

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Digital Marketing Agency Korea - The South Korean market, be it retail, B2B, automobiles, or electronics, is a highly competitive one. Foreign brands trying to gain a foothold in this market need to communicate with a very discerning consumer, and in a language that the consumer understands. Inquivix has helped international brands gain traction in the South Korean market via digital marketing.

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This boutique digital marketing agency is uniquely placed to do so because of its deep understanding of both, South Korean and Western market.

Here are 4 reasons why international brands choose Inquivix for their digital marketing campaigns in South Korea.

Digital Marketing Agency Korea Reason 1:
Inquivix Understands the South Korean Digital Landscape

Digital Marketing Agency Korea
Inquivix Digital Marketing Agency Korea Team

The South Korean digital landscape is unique. Three out of four search queries in this country happen on Naver, and not on Google.

Naver is the most powerful content platform in South Korea. In order to get a foothold in the country’s domestic market, businesses need to appear for local searches on Naver. Which apart from being the most-used search engine is also a huge platform for user-generated content.

Naver Blog and Naver Café are popular online destinations for South Koreans. Inquivix understands how the SERPs on Naver. They are populated with results, and the steps necessary to leapfrog over competition and rank higher.

Working with Inquivix means that new entrants into the South Korean market have to incur a significantly lower expense and enjoy a greater ROI on its spend because this agency has the experience to avoid trial and error scenarios and deliver results.

Digital Marketing Agency Korea Reason 2:
Inquivix Enables Businesses to Leverage the South Korean Digital Ecosystem

Digital Marketing Agency Korea
Inquivix Digital Marketing Agency Korea Team-1

Without an experienced digital agency for guidance, foreign entrants, whether SMBs or big brands, are liable to feel lost. Brands interested in carving a niche online and generating sales via the internet must understand that they are addressing a savvy, hyper-connected audience that can be reached more effectively through mobiles instead of televisions. Be it Naver or Daum, the conventional approach to SEO does not quite work with these content platforms. Inquivix develops a well-rounded digital marketing strategy based on insights derived from hard data and past experience.

Digital Marketing Agency Korea Reason 3:
Inquivix Delivers Value for the Money Spent

Digital Marketing Agency Korea
Inquivix Digital Marketing Agency Korea Team-2

As mentioned, the challenges present in successfully marketing online in South Korea are unique. These include not being able to set the daily ad spend budget for campaigns on Naver and the ability to use only exact match keywords. These are obstacles for every new business that is most likely unfamiliar with the Korean language and the intricacies of the Korean online marketing landscape. Inquivix is a cleanly structured agencies with reduced overheads and a passion for efficiency. As a boutique agency, it is better placed to offer a personalized service where clients can brainstorm with the members of the agency that come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Digital Marketing Agency Korea Reason 4:
Core Offerings Fine Tuned for the South Korean Market

Inquivix CEO/Founder
Inquivix CEO/Founder

More than 90% of the meaningful online experiences begin through search. Paid advertising is the quickest and most efficient way of getting the message in front of the right audience. Through search engine optimization techniques that include great content with the right keywords and powerful backlinks, Inquivix boosts a client’s website’s rankings on the SERPs. Effective social media management is an important aspect of the well-rounded digital marketing service provided by this company. It ensures that the multifold marketing and sales objectives, such as brand awareness, brand loyalty, lead generation, customer engagement, and repeat business are met.

Inquivix brings to the table experience, innovation, creativity, and precise execution courtesy the real-world experience each member of the team has.

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