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Social Media 1 min read , March 22, 2020 has always been about optimizing your content marketing process. Creating blog posts while being able to collaborate on them with your team, publishing them to all your channels with one click and measuring the results all in one place.

Now it has become a central hub for all your content endeavors. Now, you can create content campaigns that are multi-format and multi-channel. Mix and match blog posts and stand-alone social posts all-in-one tool!

Stories, images, links, videos, ... you name it, we publish it. Welcome to Social. We would love your feedback! Some of our other cooler features (because we personally love them all) allow you to:

🤝 Approval & Collaboration flow for articles and social posts
👩‍💻 Distribute articles and social posts to all your websites, social channels and newsletters with one click!
📆 Plan content in the Content Calendar
🚀 Gather multichannel results in one dashboard

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StoryChief has become a central hub for all your content endeavors.
A special thanks to you, our AppSumo users. We are so incredibly thankful to you and your feedback! Which is why we are releasing this new feature to you, completely for free! 📷

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